Family Owned and Operated | Twin Cities, Minnesota
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    At Grey Duck, we wake in the morning believing in the transformative nature of being outdoors. Our focus on building quality boards for a range of experiences, budgets, and expertise is what separates us from the pack. Innovation is our core, and we continually strive to make SUP more fun, more accessible, and more enjoyable. Come with us on this journey, you won’t be disappointed.

    Core Values:

    Deliver continuous improvement and innovation – build better products each year to make the sport of SUP more appealing to more people over time.

    There is beauty in timelessness – design boards that our customers will still be proud to paddle a decade from now.

    Teamwork makes the dream work – create opportunities for others to contribute to our success, while also helping them achieve their long-term goals.

    Share what happens behind the curtain – give customers insight into the way we operate, the decisions we make, and why we make them.

    Keep 'Main Street' vibrant - be the preferred SUP provider to specialty outdoor gear shops throughout the Midwest.