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    Rob Bossen - @robbossen

    As owner of The Grey Duck Group, I wear a lot of hats. From janitor to designer, logistics manager to accountant, my days are always varied. My passion is designing innovative boards that cater to the needs of riders living in the upper Midwest, and working with our dealers throughout the region to share the joy of SUP with others. In "real life", the majority of my time is spent as an independent sales representative of fine outdoor brands throughout the Midwest.

    Additionally, we wouldn't be where we are (or get to where we're going), without the help of some talented people who love SUP and helping a small business grow. If you see any of them around, make sure to give them a hug or high five. They are the best! 

    Emily Carey - @emilyelaine22 and @paddleflat

    Emily Carey

    Hi, I’m Emily! I’m a native Minnesotan and currently reside in St. Paul.  I’ve been stand up paddle boarding for about five years but have spent most of my life in and on the water.  I first found out about stand up paddle boarding many years ago when I took a trip to Hawaii. After my first SUP experience, paddling with the sea turtles, I knew that this was an activity I could fall in love with. Now, I’m trying to get as many of my friends, family and occasionally strangers out on the water so they can see how fun and easy paddle boarding can be. When I’m not out paddling on one of our many lakes in the Twin Cites, I work for a hospitality company in IT and do freelance web work on the side.  I also like to spend my time baking, knitting, visiting our local breweries and hanging out with my cat Gustafer.

    Emily Hendricks -, @emilyjaneandco and @paddleflat

    Emily Hendricks

    Growing up, I loved the outdoors. I lived for our annual 2 week long, 100% unplugged, camping trip in Northern Wisconsin. We weren’t a family who traveled often, so this was a big trip that allowed me to spend time fishing all day, reading books, and riding bikes. Camping was for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors at a pretty slow pace. Fast forward to present time and, unfortunately, I do not make the same time for camping with my husband and 3-year-old daughter that my parents did for us. We have found the best way for us to get out and explore is at friend’s cabins or a random weekend trip to a nearby destination.

    Through one of these weekend get-a-ways, I was introduced to paddle boarding and instantly fell in love. From the calmness invoked while simply floating on the glass surface of a lake to the workout it can induce when the circumstances called for such, I knew I found my new hobby! It reminded me a bit of my college semester in California in which they allowed me to earn credit for learning to surf. I distinctly remember laying on the board, on the water, and loving the peace that provided more than catching a wave itself. Getting on a paddle board at sunset was the first time since straddling that surfboard where I found that same release of stress and anxiety to simply take in my surroundings and relax.

    Last year, my career and new love of paddle boarding collided when I reached out to Rob about being a brand ambassador. I am a videographer/designer/photographer in my “real life” and wanted to be able to create content for a company and brand I believed in. Paddle Boarding has been the first thing in a while to really make me feel connected to nature and give me a consistent reason to get outdoors. I’m thankful for the opportunity to get to enjoy time on the lake and also create beautiful images and videos that inspire others to do the same.

    Jody Henseler - @sweetjody1

    Jody Henseler

    Paddling since the age of 4, when my dad made me a paddle because I was too small for any other, helped build within me a strong passion, love, and respect for water.  I find myself drawn to water, wanting to play in it and on it as much as possible -- for it gives me peace, inner-strength, and focus.

    With stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) I have found freedom, adventure, fitness, and fun.  Freedom to paddle where I want and when I want to. Adventure -- taking me places that are not easy to get to on any other watercraft by exploring tiny streams, inlets, and lakes. Fitness -- standing on my board engages every fiber in my body, from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. And finally, fun -- spending hours paddling with family and friends, making memories that will last a lifetime.

    Since finding SUP last summer at the age of 50, I have not looked back.  I want to share this great sport of paddleboarding, building a culture of others who love the water, making connections between different groups of people -- young and old, and igniting creativity to be shared with others.

    Follow your passion…

    Spencer Specht - @specht86

    Spencer Specht

    This is my second season as a Greyduck brand ambassador. I enjoy the health and fitness benefits that stand up paddling has to offer. I can’t think of any form of exercise that is more enjoyable than SUPing. When I am not on the water I enjoy spending time with my dog Stache, playing golf and many other great summer activities. In addition to being an ambassador and my full time job, I am also a paid on call firefighter. See you on the water! 

    Dara Wolf - @darawolf

    Dara Wolf

    I had my first SUP experience on Lake Mendota while attending UW-Madison and immediately fell in love with it. I love how versatile stand up paddleboarding is, you can go out and get a great workout in or take a more leisurely paddle and relax out on the water. My favorite lake  to SUP on is Lake Nokomis, but I love exploring new lakes and finding hidden areas to paddle in. When I'm not on the water, I work for a marketing agency in downtown Minneapolis and enjoy traveling and spending time with my dog, Stanley.